Square Upcycled Coffee Table with Iron Cast W.80 x D.80 with Shelve


Square Upcycled Coffee Table with Iron Cast W.80 x D.80 x H.45 with Shelve

Table Top made from Recycled Boat Woods, Natural Well Sanded Finishing Natural Coated Water Based.
Legs using Industrial Iron Cast Black Doff Color with Powder Coated.

This Industrial Coffee Table use for sofa table in living room and family room in front of tv entertainment.
Upcycled Coffee Table made from recylced used Boat Woods taken from shipwrecks and fishermen boats.
we take it, reycled it, re-use it and re-built become nice products for upcycled side table, upcycled bedside tables, upcycled end tables, industrial wood coffee table.

Our Factory had been built many Industrial Table models including industrial coffee table.
Industrial Iron Cast for Legs using PU Powder Coated Finishing to avoid any corotion. Recycled Boat Woods specially from Recycled Teak Woods is first prior for Materials.
Finishing is Natural Colors as taken from native habitat, we do treatment to cleaning, bleaching and doing perfect well sanded then coated using Water Based.
We always using Water Base to protect product and also keep massive humidity stable.


Designed with Laminated pieces of Recycled Boat Woods for Table Top make this table have some functions: as Sofa Table, Living Room Table and Family Table.

Made from Recycled Teak Boat Wood Well Sanded. Coloring is original from used recycled Boat woods and Top Coated using Water Base.
Produced using Recycled Teak Woods Taken from old shipwrecks and old fishermen’s boat.
This Recycled Wood Coffee Table made for Inside Furniture and Indoor Furniture.
Match to setting with Modern Sofa with cuhions or Lounge Sofa. This Recycled Coffee Table is popular in AUSTRALIAN market.

Finishing well sanded Original recycled boat Wood Colors with Water Base Coated

Packing Sizes Full Assembled
Upcycled Table : 83 x 83 x 48 cm
CBM Volume : 0.33
Capacity 40 Ft Container : 188 pcs

Packing using Carton Box 5 Layers with Corner Protection Inside



All our Square Upcycled Coffee Table had been tested by experienced People from International Inspection and Surveyor Association. For Wholesale order with quantity contract within 1 season or 1 year
regularly order for example 20 containers for 1 season, we must using these Proffessional Inspector.

Recycled Boat Woods are much available in the world, but Recycled Teak Boat Woods in High Grade characteristics will be only found at one area : JAVA ISLANDS – INDONESIA.

I think the first man or woman that explore about Recycled Teak Boat Wood Furniture is from Australian, hope so.
The reason is much recycled Boat products can found in Australian Market: from ceiling, wall, decorations, interiors until Recycled Wood Furniture.

We make tight selection about Recycled Teak Boat Woods Material. And each process also more complex before start producing.
Kiln Dry processing also need it, although they’re recycled woods, we must do some treatment to reach optimal massive humidity.
Our company known well about Australian Climates and Weathers.

Our Recycled Coffee Tables focus with Quality: Performance frm textures to expose native original Natural Recycled Teak, precition and good construction.
Although using Recycled Teak we always put materials into Kiln Dry chamber for 2 weeks before production start. For Table Top we’re selecting best part of Recycled Teak Beams
and Recycled Pillars that had been massive humidity. Kiln Dry processing also to kill any insects inside it. Recycled Teak Wood is a natural material, few fine or very small cracks in the legs and tops
may appear due to changes in temperature and humidity. Otherwise the constant change in moisture content in the wood. Small fissures may open in the end grain, known as checking.
This is normal, especially in heavier components and it will not affect the serviceability of your Recycled Teak furniture.
Every piece of Recycled Furniture has its own character and structure. Small inlays can be used to fill up minor existing imperfections and give the product a naturally aged look.

Our Company always make some inovation to add Recycled Teak Furniture collection, Please send us your ideas design for your order.
We are Direct Factories that Manufacture your Recycled Teak Tables and others Recycled Furniture Collection in Java – Indonesia.


For Products same with Samples as Shown at Australian Showroom that still being Process on Regularly Production :
Delivery is within 3 – 4 weeks of final payment for all orders.

For Custom Products / Modify Products / Made by Order:
Delivery is within 6 – 7 weeks of final payment for all orders.

For You as Wholesale Container’s Order, that Purchase Full Container:
There are Free Charges to Your Port am Additional Costs from Sea Port Near You will under Your Finance
To make Cheaper Price I suggestion you to make Contract Order for Some Containers within 1 Season or within 1 year.

For Retail Orders (End User):
Delivery Costs Directly to your Home or Apartment will calculated based on courier services you want to use.

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