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About Us

Drovers Inside & Out

Providing one of Australia’s Largest Range of Inside & Outdoor Furniture.

The Manufacturer and Wholesaler
Drovers is an manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of one of the largest furniture ranges in Australia, operating from Sydney.
For over 36 years the buyers for the company have been at the forefront of furniture importing and wholesaling in Australia.
During that period they have wholesaled product to most of the large retailers and groups in Australia.
To offer the best value direct to the public now, we sell Furniture Products through a number of site as well as online by Factory direct pricing
on our stylish, quality furniture and selling direct to the public at wholesale prices.

Drovers has been manufacturing teak Furniture and supplying the Australian market with the highest quality products and on time schedule delivery for over 35 years.
We distribute our products to Australia-wide through a network of distributors, dealers, wholesalers and warehouses located in each capital city of Australia.
This company supplying both the retail and commercial sectors. Carrying more than thousands products at any time, Drovers supplies to a large customers base.
We have been trading for over 35 years and are passionate about beautiful furniture and customer satisfaction. Our relationship with partners and customers
become family members, there for many clients always come to buy furniture for their new house or reference to their friends for join into this big family.

We are proud to have the opportunity and privilege to continue to serve and support our customers with the view of working to successfully facilitate
their needs and expectations. In Drovers, honesty and trust in people are the basis of all our relationships. We try to be positive,
find the best solutions and make things easy for our customers. Every day we strive with enthusiasm to build a better company and to achieve
our ambitious goals. Respect in all our business dealings, customer focus, commitment, positivity and pro-activity are the fundamental values of our teams.
We design, develop and distribute to all customers as their wish_High Quality Furniture at Cheap Prices, Lowest prices, without retail mark-up!

We source our furniture from leading manufacturers, as well as importing from the largest manufacturers from around the world.
Our range comprises modern, contemporary and traditional stylings in lounge, dining, mattress, occasional and bedroom furniture.
We have very strong ideas as to how a good furniture collection should look like, and that is why research and development is where it all begins.
our collections quickly and efficiently. Very tight quality control, both during the design phase as well as during mass production are key
in keeping quality standards at the current high level. This way allows us to offer quality products with all the required guarantees.

We have a network of Couriers, Freight and Third Party Logistic warehouses that ship our products across the nation.
We work with these companies to offer free metro delivery on a wide range of products.
Where free delivery isn’t an option, we have negotiated substantially discounted shipping rates for our products.

We deliver many of our products as flat packs. This not only saves on costs for manufacturing but especially on shipping.
Our products are easy to assemble and in the event that you do require assembly, we work with specialised
installers across Australia to deliver you great service for reasonable prices.

Operating for more than 35 years, we are proud to have supplied much customers.
We supply products to some of Australia’s largest companies and brands and are constantly adding and reviewing our products
and suppliers to ensure our items are the highest quality for the best price.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s business and Dorvers is no exception. The controlled cutting of trees, the use of recycled materials
and the optimization of the energy costs are essential conditions for our company in all aspects of our business dealings.
Drovers Company supports our manufacturers to always keep forests green, and participated each plantation activities – greening on the island of Java.
Teak is best materials for furniture ever and recycled teak is great choice for Eco Green Furniture to keep world. Green Living campaign entire world
is to save our planet not just for our earth but for Universe. There for Drovers always care about Plantation, Forest Rejuvenation and using Recycled
as materials for products. Together with all of our customers as big family we commit to always utter: “Earth and Planet need us”.

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