Industrial Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian Wholesale Industrial Furniture Рinspiring with reclaimed boat woods for furniture that produce in factory, our team make some innovation develop Industrial Furniture made from Recycled Teak and Reclaimed Woods combine with Recycle Irons and Metals. Our items always selling to Importer Wholesaler mainly USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. They looking for reclaimed or recycled materials / reclaimed materials, it can be wood, metal, even bamboo than mixing them become Industrial Furniture Items. You can find a lot of stylish-looking furniture made out of materials that used to be something else and launching your Industrial Furniture in Wholesale markets. Reclaimed woods from indonesia have strong characters that can be match with any weathers. Otherwise we still doing treatment processing all materials even more woods and irons before starting production. It will make our Industrial Furniture in long life good quality wherever they placed in Europe, Australia or America.