Reclaimed Wood Table Top Manufacturers

Reclaimed Wood Table Top that we always producing and manufacturing inside our factory are focus to supply restaurant. Our clients and buyers have some projects around the world to design and restoration exclusive hotels and restaurants. These Restaurant Table Tops using to place on several items of them. Usually put on middle and sides area of the restaurant. They Buy Wood Table Top with some reasons : our materials dry because sourced from reclaimed woods, our production processing is quick, quality and neatness of the product perfect. Reclaimed Counter Tops, Weathered Wood Table Top from Hardwoods have rich dark brown to purplish in color with a lighter tan sapwood. Colors in antique Reclaimed Teak become a little more subtle with age, yet produce an amber depth that is unmatched. It is usually straight grained and texture is coarse and uniform. Antique Reclaimed Teak Wood is a rare wood, found occasionally in mixed wood barns and beams from the 1800’s. Otherwise we develop all Reclaimed Wood Table Top using Recycled Bangkiray Woods and Reclaimed Teak Woods. Those materials easy to found around Java – Indonesia.