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/Factory Tour – Indonesian Reclaimed Wood Furniture
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Indonesian Reclaimed Furniture Business Proposal

Dear Brothers and Sisters which I really Respect

Our Company as Indonesian Reclaimed Furniture is very thankful for your orders that always placed to us. More than 25 years we had been make cooperate together. Thousands Reclaimed Wood Furniture imported from Indonesia, in primarily Reclaimed Wood Tables : Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table and Reclaimed Wood Table Top. Increasing and Decreasing Business were always did and always coming, and the important is how faster we could stand again. Much Thanks for your support when our business in low level or event at ground.

Reclaimed Furniture Wholesaler

Reclaimed Furniture Wholesaler

Deep understanding is become our philosophy, not just business with many profits in that chase, but togetherness and sustainability will make our business grow together with benefit for long term business and kinship.

At this moment our company have strong foundation with many business group business under our management. We have 2 Factories in Rembang and Blora, 2 Factories in Jepara, 1 Showroom and Workshop in Yogyakarta, 1 Showroom in Semarang and 1 Central Office in Tangerang. These Strategy to following suggestions from you, our best customers and also best partnership and also best Brothers – best Sisters.

Supported by more than 27 Farmers from around Indonesia, we have much Reclaimed Wood Materials in maximum capacity approximately 50 cubic meter (equal with 1 x 40 Ft Container). By these materials we could make production at least 2 x 40 Ft per week.


As Direct Furniture Manufacturer – Indonesian Reclaimed Furniture, we produce much tables in factory, there for we always asking to all of my clients make placing order in regularly order for total 1 month or make loading container minimum 1 x 40 ft each month. By these ways, production will effective, loading container will always on time and budget money to finance the project could covered.


Reclaimed Furniture Imports

Reclaimed Furniture Imports

Digital Market Communication Tools Supports our Communication Service System and Team more easier. Our Team could reached at anytime you want to make call / phone / sms / WA to help you or just make light fresh conversation to make your Marketer Team with our Production Team become On Winning Solid Team.

I hope the next Journeys for ours and your business will be always increasing, also our benefit relationships always keeping well until our next generations.

Best Regards

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Supplier

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Supplier