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Selling Wholesale Reclaimed Wood Table is our basic manufacture and trading. Our company had been produce thousands Tables in our factories and our workshop our selves for more than 25 years. As Direct Furniture Factory that Manufacture many kinds models Furniture, we prefer to choose producing Reclaimed Wood Tables only. It is because we could explore timber performance. As you known Reclaimed Wood Materials, specially Reclaimed Teak will look amazing on Large Dining Table. The surfaces will appear Gold Patina, natural wood oil will appears from inside after the craft’s men make well sanded then doing natutal polished there. Market’s demand form countries : USA, CANADA, Australia, France, UK, Germany, Belgium and Spain to Supply and Export Reclaimed Wood Tables coming monthly. At this time our company will always selecting to choose some Partnership Business from those countries, I Hope your company will send the seriously business proposal soon, then we known the possibilities to make long term business. We have much lines from our business group in Indonesia who capable about Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed Teak Materials, Professional Men Power to arrange Production and Best Crafts Men in the world to develop thousands Tables in a year. Our company want to take special services to increasing our quality to our buyers who always Buy Reclaimed Wood Table from us. we will service one buyer only for each country, which this clients could give regularly order each month and the Prices must be worth it. Cheaper Price Quotation with High Quality Specs will be rejected. I think our experiments and research about Reclaimed Wood Furniture so far was very enough. We will starting to arrange this business comfortable for each sides : for our company, our staffs, our managements, our people, for Buyers and for our environtments. As you known, Reclaimed Wood Materials built from hundreds years in processing, so we must feel it, and hope we could living in the world for long lasting years, healthy and happinnes.

Superiority Indonesia Reclaimed Wood Materials.
Comparing with others countries, Indonesia have only two seasons : Dry Season and Rain Season. Anyway, much people will agree that these two weather work each others become extreme weathers. When Dry Season, its become too hot and while Rain Season, the rains will fall very heavily and humidity feel so cold. By theese weathers Reclaimed Woods created by nature. Much Wood Materials from Forests Trees that collapsed naturally dozens or hundred years a go, or wood materials from old houses torn down, then lying down outside under the sun shine and also under the rain fall for many years. Those Woods from Teak Woods, Bangkiray Woods, Merbau Woods, Accacia Woods and other Hard Woods become best Reclaimed Wood Materials from Indonesia. They have same advantages : Strengthness, with different performances : Dark, Light, Large Wood Fiber, Soft Wood Fiber, Wood Oiled Grained etc. depend on each type of woods. As specific speak, lets talk about Reclaimed Teak Materials. These Materials had been explore since year 1980’s and had been exported to Europe mainly. Several big Importer from Netherland, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany and Russia com to indonesia and make business to explore Reclaimed Teak Furniture. Materials from Reclaimed teak was sourced Recycled Teak items that had once upon a time been used for something else. It possible came from reclaimed wood that resulted from neglected buildings falling down and need to be replaced. In many histories, a broken down and neglected building would mean that a bulldozer would be called in, and the whole building leveled. The pieces would then be taken to a landfill and left there to break down over a number of years. This is not the case when it comes to recycled teak furniture. Instead, the good pieces of teak wood are harvested to be given a new life.

Reclaimed Wood Materials – It’s Real sourced from ancent old buildings that aged hundred years from Java. Mostly our Reclaimed Timber Woods came from Timber Wood Floors put from Large Building. Much Years A go, you can imagine, only Rich Family could build the exclusive house from special big Teak Wood. Best Grain, Great Quality and Strong Woods Mixed into one word : Amazing! Indonesia as Large Islands Country have much forests with many species of trees. Many types of those trees become basic people to build their house from years by years. From hundred years they build home from these trees. For Example Kalimantan people will always built from Yellow Balau and Bangkiray Woods, Papua people will build their house from Sagu Woods or from Balian Woods, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java people will take Teak Wood Trees become their basic materials to build their home. From their behaviour since hundreds years a go, still can be seen at many places in Indonesia. There are found at Villages, Town, Cities, Beach Areas and also Mountain Areas. As A long time period went, those people or the next generation want to repair / modify / renovation their buildings – their houses become modern living. Processing start with tear down those houses and build the new one. These materials become ancient old woods called Reclaimed Wood Materials. And Indonesia become Heaven for these materials because availabilkity is abundant, No Limit. Serious ! I had been checke it by my self more than 10 years doing private research about it.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture in specially producing Reclaimed Wood Table Top
Since Wood Slab Table for Top become market trend setter several years a go, other woods materials including Reclaimed Teak Wood Materials always on order list to Export. Reclaimed Wood Table Top can combine with iron, steel, aluminium, rattan, wicker and metal for Legs Base Table. The Assembling will do inside Importer Wholesaler building. Table Top buy from Indonesia and Base Table Legs usually purchase from China and Vietnam. Using those ways Importer will make cheap cost and effective process. Indonesia Reclaimed Wood Table Top and Reclaimed Wood Dining Table still first chosen to bought by Importer Business because Strengthness and Uniqueness performance for wood fiber also called gold teak patina. Chosen Right Recycled Wood Top made from Teak Recycled for your Furniture will make elegant look and exotic performance. Carefully before Buy Recycled Furniture means describe and asking everything you want to know then make comfortable discuss with us. Placing your order after your questions totally answered. Happy Nice Business with you and your business group for benefit long term relationship.